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 Austrian genes ( friedrich Fuchs)

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Hannes Müller
Hannes Müller

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Austrian genes ( friedrich Fuchs) Empty

He walked through the hallways, as every other kid did, but it was quiet now, pfew, everyone was probably outside, enjoying the nice summer weather, while hannes was inside, avoiding the bright sun at all costs, even the thought of it made him feel like shit. He slowly opened his locker, taking out a few books, only to put them back in, but now organized, in alphabetical order, but he did not like the result and dicided to sort them on colour, way better, ofcourse. He closed his locker and opened it again to get another good look of his his work, nope still not good enough urgh...and so he was sorting books for like an half hour until they were sorted in alphabetical order again, this time he was somewhat happy with results. He closed his locker and turned around, immeadiatly flinching as he looked into the bright orange sun light, damn the sunset was annoying as fuck...

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Austrian genes ( friedrich Fuchs)
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