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 oh. boi. &Friedrich

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Joli Favre
Sad Animallover
Joli Favre

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oh. boi. &Friedrich Empty

oh. boi.

  The sleeve itched at her arm and Joli needed the upper concenration to not scratch at it. It would help, for a little, but probably it would bleed after that and she didn't need that right now. The French girl sighed and tried to think. She was alone in her dorm, which she shared with Sophie Smith. And apparently with the new girl, Jessica Anderson, too. The first meeting with Jess was... weird. That girl knew everything about her? She never met her! Joli held her head in her hands and sighed deeply. She experienced things this summer she never thought would be happening again. And it was worse than ever... She even heard... Voices? She thought about what mister de Jong said, last schoolyear. She needed to go to Mister Fuchs, he would check on her. She doens't want to go, oh no. But maybe he's right, maybe it would help? Although he is her crush. He is a psychologist.
  Joli stood up. She quickly looked at Cherie, who was sleeping. She knew she couldn't take her with her. And Cherie was still very tired from the flight. Joli picked up her bag and hissed when it bumped against her arm. Joli quickly - but very carefully - rolled up her sleeve to see the damage. Nothing, luckily. She moved her sleeve down and walked out of the dorm, leaving the sleeping Cherie behind.
  While walking towards the principal office she quickly got into the bathroom.
  Yes, no one here.
  She looked in the mirror and cringed at the sight of her face. It was so damaged. She opened her bag and took out some make-up. She quickly put it on her face and covered her bruises and cuts with it. When she was done it looked a lot better. It still looked awful, according to her, but it was better now. With that done, Joli left the bathroom and continued her walk to the principals office.

  When Joli arrived there, she stopped for the door. She quickly checked her make-up with a little mirror.
  She shook her head and knocked on the door. Anxiety flooded in her body and she asked herself why she was doing this.
  It's for the better... It's for the better...


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oh. boi. &Friedrich
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