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 Ignition &Hannes

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Kate West

Name : Cam
Location : hell
Other accounts : Joli Favre & Alexis Benes
Posts : 16
Coins : 14

Character sheet
Age: 16 Years
Mutation: Can manipulate fire
Status: Heated

  Kate was searching through the bookcases in the library. She already burned a schoolbook, which was an accident this time, what is rare but oh well, so she needed another. Luckily there were copies of the books in here. At least, so she heard. So now she was searching for that one particulair book which was nowhere to be found.
  'Fucking hell,' she muttered to herself when she put back what seems the fifth thousand book she looked at today. She sighed and leaned with her back against the shelves filled with books.
  Wouldn't it be fun burning all that stuff?
  She shook her head, knowing what a hell she would get then. She already had detention and school just started, but what's new? However, Kate was becoming sick of searching so she sat down at a table and sighed, pulling out a cigarette and her lighter. It wasn't allowed to smoke here, but there was no one around and she needed a smoke, so fuck the rules. When she had lit the cigarette and put it in her mouth she took some fire from her lighter and played with that in her hand. She made it bigger and then smaller and then bigger again, and so on. An exercise she began to control very well now. Kate's a little bit proud of herself, but she wants to be more experienced. While playing with the fire in her hand and smoking she didn't notice the boy coming in...

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Ignition &Hannes
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