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 x Friedrich Fuchs x

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Friedrich Fuchs
Total Asshole
Friedrich Fuchs

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x Friedrich Fuchs x Empty

Name: Friedrich Fuchs
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Nationality: Austrian
Sexuality: Straight
Mutation: Shapeshifting into a fox/falcon/fly for a max. of 2 hours

Hair: Blond (originally brown)
Eyes: Blue
Length: 178 cm (5 feet 10)
Weight: 70kg (154 pounds)
Build: Thin
Scars: None
Accessories: An old Nokia phone. He carries it everywhere with him, even though he has a new phone.

Friends: x
Enemies: x
Parents: Tobias Fuchs(NPC), Anna Moser (NPC)
Siblings: Hannes Müller, half-brother
Other family: x

Friedrich is a man with multiple layers. He is grumpy and very strict, but loves his students a lot. He loves teaching others, but has some kind of 'fuck my life I should've gotten another job' vibe which makes that hard to believe. He always wants to help his friends, but because he doesn't look like it, people rarely ask him for help. He prefers to teach people stuff the hard way, by making mistakes and making sure they won't do it again.

Friedrich loves cats and coffee. He has four cats, all named after classical composers. Vivaldi (Persian), Beethoven (Scottish Fold), Bach (Siamese) and Chopin (Norwegian Forest cat). He used to have another cat called Mozart, which was a Russian Blue. He loves old music, but absolutely hates technology. He can't handle his phone and constantly asks everybody to help him with it.

He has a younger half-brother called Hannes, who he loves. He wouldn't want to lose him for all the money in the world. He also loves (platonically) his friend Nick. New to his heart is his co-worker Dylan. He doesn't quite trust him, but time will prove him wrong.


Friedrich grew up in Salzburg, Austria. His dad worked for a bank and his mom was a reverend. He started piano and violin lessons very early on, and showed a lot of talent. Tobias, his dad, was kind of an abusive asshole who didn't want his son to make music. He often tried to get his dogs to bite him and stuff.

At the age of twelve Friedrich was sent to Westwood, where he met his future best friend, Nick. He loved it there and was happy, got good grades and even though he didn't have a lot of friends, he felt more confident. That all changed when he turned sixteen. His little half-brother, who he had never heard of before, sent him a letter, revealing that his dad had cheated on his mom. Later, on some kind of dinner party, he did meet Hannes, but never saw him and he didn't really know it was him because bathroom door.

The teenager tried talking to his dad about going to a conservatorium, but his dad wanted him to either study medicine or business. Because his dad was such a goddamn dick he decided to stop making music. Music had always been some kind of creative and emotional outlet for him, and that now that was gone, he had no one to turn to. Friedrich got severely depressed (genes and stuff).

After Westwood, he decided to study psychology so he could help others. He went to Paris to study and eventually returned to Westwood, where he is a principal now.

x Friedrich Fuchs x Fried10
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x Friedrich Fuchs x
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