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 Sleepless Nights, OH BOI &Soof & Jess

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Kate West

Name : Cam
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Age : 17
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  Kate walked with her suitcase through the hallway. She was searching for her new dorm. When she arrived here she got a dorm all for herself. But no, it had to change. Some weird girl needed to go there, she didn't knew her. The principal, Mister Fuchs, said that she would be sleeping with two other girls on a dorm. Kate couldn't care less, if she was allowed to smoke. And if she wasn't, she would do it anyway, 'cause Kate just didn't care.
  Finally, she found the dorm. She didn't bother knocking on the door when walking in. She found there two girls, one laying in her bed and the other was eating and talking to the girl in the bed.
  'Oi,' Kate said while walking towards the empty bed. She saw it was by the window.
  Fuck yes.
  The red-headed girl dumped her suitcase on the bed and faced the other girls again.
  'I'm Kate and I got kicked out of my dorm so apparently I sleep here now,' she introduced herself with a smirk.

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Sleepless Nights, OH BOI &Soof & Jess
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