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 netflix and crippling depression ( soof)

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Hannes Müller

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He sighted as he looked out of the window looking out over the schoolyard, aka seeing people and their freedom while he was stuck in this horrible history classroom togheter with the biggest slut of the school and a lady who is literally history itself. His eyebrows drew togheter as he looked at his textbook, french...he didn't even choose it for this term and yet here he was learning french. Not that he really learned anything from it, he didn't remeber a thing but somehow friedrich thought it was important. The german looked up for a moment seeing that emely had just left? allright then. He knew it wasn't a good idea to leave knowing that Friedrich would find out in no time or even standing therre already ao he just shrugged and continued looking at this hell f a language ...

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netflix and crippling depression ( soof)
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