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 Do u even have a closet for that?(sophie)

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Abel De Jong
Artsy Kid

Name : sanne
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He was walking through the corridors, his hands in his pockets a smirk on his face as he listened to music as usual. Sophie had texted him to get his ass over there asap so he did happily. He was wondering why she needed him this time but expected it to be her nails or makeup again. Not that he minded, he loved doing that ..or she bought stuff and needed opinions or needed to show off...he shrugged as he opened the door into her dorm without knockibg and dropped his backpack on the couch ” boi i’m here” he announced as he dropped down on the couch, scrolling through his insta feed for a bit

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Sophie Smith

Name : Izza
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Age : 17
Other accounts : Friedrich Fuchs, Feliciano Vargas, Dmitri Krylov
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She took her iPhone X out of her pocket to check if that midget had responded yet. Sophie sighed. Nothing. She wasn't used to being ignored like this! Frustrated, she dropped her phone on her bed, not caring if the screen was cracked or not. Daddy would buy her a new one in an instant anyway. She pouted. This phone wasn't even that good, she preferred Huawei or Samsung. But hey, she had a reputation to uphold. And it was just her monthly allowance anyway. Savings who? Breathing in to keep calm, she was just about to text Abel again, when she heard the door opening. "Boi I’m here," she exhaled loudly. Finally. He had her waiting for a good five minutes. She elegantly strode in on her high heels and her arms on her hips. "What took you so long?" The Luxembourgish girl walked closer, he was checking his Instagram feed. She sighed. "Anyway, I called you here because I need help organizing my closet." She bit her lip. "Can you help?" She finally reached him. "Pretty please?"


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Do u even have a closet for that?(sophie)
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