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 Sophie Smith

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Sophie Smith

Name : Izza
Location : The Netherlands
Age : 16
Other accounts : Friedrich Fuchs, Feliciano Vargas, Dmitri Krylov
Posts : 26
Coins : 23

Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Mixed

Name: Sophie Smith
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Luxembourger
Languages: Luxembourgish, German, French and English
Ethnicity: 50% British, 50% Luxembourgish
Sexuality: Straight
Mutation: Sophie can see the future and past of something if she touches objects. She, however, doesn't know if it's past or future, neither can she really control when her 'visions' come.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green/blueish
Height: 173 cm / 5ft 8
Weight: 63 kg / 139 pounds
Build: Skinny
Scars: None
Accessories: None

Friends: x
Enemies: x
Parents: Tom Smith x Stephanie Hoffman
Siblings: x
Other family: x

Personality: Passionate x Resourceful x Stubborn x Secretive x Jealous x Violent x Sarcastic
Likes: Sarcasm, cookies, memes, Reddit, being right
Dislikes: 9GAG, dishonesty, people who can't take a joke
Dreams: becoming a memelord Having someone who she can tell everything to
Fears: Everybody hating her

Coming soon...
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Sophie Smith
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