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 Kate Finnegan

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Kate Finnegan
Kate Finnegan

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Kate Finnegan Empty

Name: Kate Finnegan
Age: 18 Years old
Gender: Female
Nationality: English (New Yorkshire)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Mutation: Pyrokenises
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthday: 10th of April

Hair: Long, red
Eyes: Brown
Length: 1.75 m
Weight: 70 kg (154 pounds)
Scars: some random from fights, scars on her wrists from being bound and a hickey scar on her jaw with some spread over her body
Tattoos: https://i.imgur.com/Io6I4qP.jpg

Friends: Eric
Enemies: teachers, Hannes & Clint
Parents: Ellie West & Ronan Finnegan (She was raised by her grandmother)
Siblings: None
Crush: Melissa Hudson

Kate lived in the countryside of England before she went to Westwood. She wasn't the easiest in her former school and her behavior didn't stop when she attended Westwood. She actually came here by almost burning her former school to the ground (which was an accident, but still.)
Kate is very independent and confident, what makes her thinks she can do things very well on her own. She has a strong personality, she doesn't let people walk over her. She is daring and doesn't let an argument with a teacher, or anyone, go. She is determined and becomes mad if something doesn't work out as she planned it to.
Besides that she is very charismatic and amusing. She makes easily friends and isn't afraid to show herself. She is short-tempered though, so watch your ass when you make her angry.
She knows what she can and what not, but sometimes she will push herself to the end what may be the pitfall for her.
Kate can be pretty stubborn too. She takes risks from time to time without thinking it through and isn't afraid of anything, what can bring herself in danger sometimes.

Likes: Heat, sun, spicy food, candles, fireplaces, phoenixes, kickboxing, BBQ, (spicy) marshmallows, skateboarding, graffiti, drawing, snickers
Dislikes: Water, cold, rain, snow, fish
Fears: Swimming, water, losing control over fire (herself) causing terrible things to happen, her ex-boyfriend Clint (side affects: someone raising their voice)
Extra: When Kate uses fire, becomes angry or excited, sparks will fly from her hands and her hair will become brighter red. Kate hates it, because it can reveal her from her enemies. She hopes she can learn to control it more while she's in Westwood.
She is also allergic for nuts and has dyscalculia.

Kate was raised by her grandmother, who lived in the countryside of England. Her parents got into a car crash when she was 2 years old, so she doesn't remember anything special of her parents. When she was 10 years old, she discovered she could control fire. Being her reckless self, she caused plenty of accidents but none of them were that big. Until one day, when she was in school, she discovered she could not only control fire, but also make it. When she got into an heated argument with one of her teachers, she accidentally made fire come out of her hand, what caused the school to burn almost to the ground. Firefighters got there in time but most of the school was lost. Kate got kicked out of school and that made her come to Westwood.

Kate didn't excactly make friends. She had bad friends in the past and being called her friend would mean something special. She first shared a dorm with Sophie Smith and Jessica Anderson. But soon it turned it she didn't like the other girls. Sophie was a bitch (Kate's words, not mine) and Jess was the one who said all her secrets and things she even doubted. She didn't like it and left the dorm to go sleep in Ronans office. She also made an enemies. She hated Friedrich and Nick wasn't in a particulair good spot either. Hannes though, Hannes she hated with her whole heart, soul and body. He too, so that was good. They would have a lot of arguments and fights together.

Later she got a boyfriend, named Clint. He was very sweet and nice at first and Kate thought he was the best. But then he asked things of her, buying drugs for example. Kate refused at first, but he started saying things and started abusing her, making Kate to buy the drugs.

Later on, she got a call from the hospital in New Yorkshire. Her grandma was hospitalized. She went there together with Ronan, the guidance counselor. At the hospital Kate got the shocking news from her grandma that Ronan is her biological father. Kate told the news to Ronan on their way to her old house, giving her grandma said there will be evidence. It wasn't enough to be sure though.

When back at Westwood, Kate got a call a couple of days later with the news her grandma had died. Kate was broken. Her boyfriend Clint turned out to be a dick too, not helping with the emotional state she was in that time.

Then she got into a living hell. Ronan discovered the drugs she had bought for Clint, getting herself in a lot of trouble. That was also the time when Ronan left an envelope with the proof he was one hundred per cent her biological father.

Later she found out Jessica had said she had drugs in the dorm. Kate was furious and destroyed all Jess' shells. She left Westwood to go to Clint, not the best decision she could make. Clint knew about that the drugs where discovered and turned into an abusive boyfriend, making threats to hurt Kate and the people she cared about if she left or said something to anyone. He would also rape her and let his friends do things to her, multipile times.
Kate then got to Ronan, asking him to go with her to her grandma's funeral. She didn't answer Clint for those two days, causing her to have a lot of trouble when she got home again. She left Westwood again and didn't come there for a whole week...

When she needed something from her dorm, Clint allowed her to go take it. Unfortunately she met Hannes on the way. They got into a fight, causing her to have isolation and detention.
When she had detention with Ronan, police officers came to take her to the police station for investigation. Clint was arrested and had blamed her for things. Kate decided to listen to Ronan and tell them the truth, hoping they would believe her. She didn't tell all the truth though, too ashamed of her actions. Later she got bailed out by Ronan, leaving Clint in jail.

Now she's just trying to survive. The hell Clint had put her through made her distant and quiet. She tries to force herself over it though, causing all the emotions to build up inside of her.
At the end of the schoolyear she convinced the shitty father of Eric to sent him to Westwood. Now they're together a lot, Kate might even call him friend sometimes.

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Kate Finnegan
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