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 Black and White ( Tedster)

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Teddy Baines
Lil Bean
Teddy Baines

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Black and White ( Tedster) - Page 2 Empty

  'Well uh... I don't know, the class won't be coming any time soon anyways, u are really early you see,' she answered.
  Teddy couldn't help but notice the little annoyment in her voice. It made him even more nervous about this all.
  'So I guess you're free to go to do whatever you want the coming 30 minutes,' she added before turning back to her computer.
  He blinked. What even was he supposed to do? He didn't knew the school at all, and he didn't wanna get lost on the first day already. He sighed a little and nod. 'A-Allright,' he said and made his way out of the room, a bit hesitant. He'd rather stay, but he had the idea she didn't want him around at all so it'll only make things more awkward between them.
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Black and White ( Tedster)
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