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 This will never work ( tedster )

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Emelie Leclair
Emelie Leclair

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This will never work ( tedster ) Empty

Emelie Leclair wrote:
~Emelie Leclair~

Well..that went terrible, even Alex didn't do anything the lesson. Normally she wouldn't care but this as just sad, now she came to understand as to why this intern had been dumped here, He literally was the worst teacher ever, even Nick was better at his job compared to this fool and honestly, it was bad enough to make her feel sorry for the poor bean who couldn't even talk because stress had closed his throat as a whole. She sighed a little looking at the poor fool, all shaking as the class made it's way out and made her bless this wasn't the midget class as they would've gotten him killed if she had to be honest. With a huff, she threw her paperwork on her desk whilst sitting down in her somewhat comfortable brown fabric chair that did get way too hot in summer and was probably filled with sweat from every teacher before her and honestly, it made her gag a little thinking about it. She laid her eyes upon the intern again, seeing how it struggled to keep his calm " You okay? the girl asked with a minor sigh

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Teddy Baines
Lil Bean
Teddy Baines

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This will never work ( tedster ) Empty

  This went horrible. So freaking horrible. It made him question why he even wanted to do this job. He knew what was wrong with his teaching, but he just found it so hard to change that. His shyness just completely takes over, especially when he's in front of a class who isn't the easiest on their own already. Him being a nervous, shaking leaf whose voice was trembling and so soft you could barely hear what he said. He let out a shaky sigh as he watched the students leave the classroom. Honestly, he was glad it was over.
  'You okay?' he heard the young teacher say.
  He jumped up a little and turned to her. 'Oh uhh yeah I'm fine,' he told her while nodding. He didn't feel fine at all though. He just wanted to go home actually.
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This will never work ( tedster )
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