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 Oh it's such a surprising day &Pia

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Joli Favre
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  Joli was nervous. It was some weeks ago she met this Pia Smit on Tumblr. Joli was surprised but they had nice talks and it somehow grew out into a friendship. Today was the day they'd meet eachother for the first time. Joli had also never seen a picture of Pia, nor had Pia seen a picture of her. The voice in her head kept saying she was being catfished, of course, since no one likes her, but Joli went anyway. She was feeling better even though she had a major downfall when Feli just left without contacting her and having an argument with Pia. But they talked it out and now they were about to meet!
  Joli walked into the cute little café, La Bohème, and let out a sigh as she looked around. She saw the table where Felis and her date started well and ended up into a disaster. But that was allright now aswell. Unless he changed his mind and indeed never came back to her...
  She shook that thought out of her head and let her eyes glide through the café again. To her surprise she saw Sophie Smith sitting at a table, alone. She wondered what she was doing here. Joli wished she wasn't here though, she wanted to have a peaceful meeting with Pia without her eyeing everything and then gossip about it. She sighed and walked into the café, sitting down as far as possible from Sophie, and waited for Pia to arrive. She was already scared Pia wouldn't show up, but she just had to keep her chill and wait. It will be allright, she told herself.

When it happens,
It feels like I can't breath.
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Oh it's such a surprising day &Pia
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