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 Abel De Jong

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Abel De Jong
Artsy Kid
Abel De Jong

Name : sanne
Age : 15
Posts : 210
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Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Culture

Abel De Jong Empty

Charsheet : Ivan (Abel) De Jong classclown at ur service
age: 11 years old
gender: Male
Zodiac: Pisces

Mother: Friday becky
Father: Nick De Jong
Uncle: Dmitri Krylov

Lucy, Rose, Soof , feli, dmitiri, murphy, Jessica, Hannes,kate, friedrich

Abel is a dreamy boi with a huge imagination constantly slipping away into dreamworld where he creates whatever the fuck he wants  He loves being the kool kid in his grade and loves his friends and family lots, trying to make them as happy as possible. he likes to joke around and be the classclown but can seem like a cheeky spoiled brat  putting up entire act to make his classmates laugh, often being a bother to teachers this way, but he sees the laughs of his peers as the signs of happiness, something he wants them to be. Further then that he is just your typical 11 year old thinking he is way older and smarter then he actually is  

Likes : a r t , joking around, being in the spotlights, having fun, making others laugh, making others happy, basketball, sleeping, acting, dancing  

dislikes: sad shit ( who does tho) , seeing his peers bein all sad, school, not being able to be himself or act, being pushed into the background

Good traits:fun loving,  imaganitive, helplessly romantic as hell, artisitic, rebellious,  good sence of humor, caring,  cheeky, idealistic (kinda) and empathetic

bad traits: temparamental, easily-led, absent minded, over-emotional, e s c a p i s t ,  scatterbrained and cheeky

Appearance :
Abel is a  skinny boi with mid lenght curly black hair and dark brown eyes

Ivan was born in russia his mom was just 15 years old and his dad, a dude from the netherlands was 16 . He grew up in russia for the most part but moved in with his dad when he was 8 so he moved to  england ,  now he is a freshman at westwood ready to have fun which is all he bascally cares about

can manipulate dreams and walk into them
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Abel De Jong
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