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 Long lost family...

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Kate Finnegan
Kate Finnegan

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Long lost family... Empty

She sat beside the bed in the hospital room. She looked at her grandma, peacefully sleeping. She smiled softly and held her hand in hers. Suddenly her grandma woke up.  Kate looked up, her eyes full hope and happiness.
  'Grandma!' she said.
  Her grandma smiled and put her hand on Kate's cheek. 'Hi Kate.'
  'Oh God, grandma, how are you?' Kate asked full excitement.
  Her grandma removed her hand and sat up a little, groaning in the process. Kate protectively put her hand on her arm. 'I'm okay, Kate,' her grandma smiled.
  Kate nodded and removed her hand again. Suddenly the door went open and Kate looked around. Standing in the door opening was Ronan. He had her phone in his hand.
  'You forgot this,' he said as he walked to her, handing it over.
  Kate took it and smiled. 'Thanks.' She turned to her grandma again and saw her looking kinda weird at him. Kate looked at Ronan again. He just smiled, nodded at her grandma and left again. The red-haired girl faced her grandma again and looked at her asking.
  'I know him…' was all she said.
  Kate raised her brow. 'You know him? From what? How can you know him, he's Irish,' she laughed.
  Her grandma looked at her with a known look in her eyes and Kate shut up immediately. There was something going on and Kate desperately wanted to know what, but one thing she knew she must not ever do, is pushing her grandmother. So she sat in silence, waiting for what would come. One thing that's nice about this is that when her grandma gave her that look, there always followed something. So Kate just waited. Impatiently, but she waited.
  Eventually her grandma took a deep breath and Kate looked up.
  'Yes… I remember him,' she stated.
  Kate raised her eyebrow, kinda afraid but curious about what would happen now.
  'His name is Ronan Finnegan, right?' she asked.
  Kate almost choked in her own saliva. 'W-What? How do you know?'
  'Because I know him,' her grandma simply said. She then looked at Kate with a kind of sad look.
  'I don’t understand… Why are you looking at me like that?' Kate asked confused.
  Her grandmother smiled sadly. 'I planned on telling you this when you would turn eighteen… But I guess time isn't me giving that… It has to be now, I don't have much time anymore…'
  The young girl shook her head. 'No, no, don’t say that. You have all the time of the world, I know it! Take your time, you will still be here when I turn eighteen!'
  Her grandma smiled softly, a hint of sadness in her eyes. 'You and I both know that's not true, Kate… Please, nobody can live forever…'
  Kate shook her head again. 'But you can! I… I'm sure…'
  The elderly woman shook her head and sighed. 'What I'm going to tell you, may shock you. To be honest, I'm sure it will. Especially because you already know him…'
  'I- I don’t understand… Him? About whom are we talking about?' She already had an idea though. And the knowing look her grandma gave her only confirmed that.
  'Yes, Kate. I am talking about Ronan Finnegan… He… He stand closer to you than you think. Very close, actually.'
  Kate was so impatient. 'Please, just tell what it is…'
  'Patience is a virtue,' her grandma said. 'But you're right, I can better say it straight forwards than turn around it every time…' She paused for a moment. 'Kate… Ronan Finnegan is your father.'
  Kate was stuck. She didn't move, her face was frozen in a frown while she looked at her grandma with utter disbelief. Eventually a small smile appeared on her face as she began to laugh. 'That… That can't be true…' she said, shaking her head. 'Boi, grandma, you're funny…' she said laughing, more trying to ensure herself that Ronan Finnegan, the fucking guidance counselor of Westwood, isn't her father. 'I... Then I'm half Irish?!' she exclaimed, more shocked now.
  'Well…' her grandma started. 'It really is. And yeah...'
  But Kate shook her head again, looking away. 'No, no, no… No, he had a wife and they divorced and that wife got a baby with another, how can he be my father? He didn't told me about anyone else!' Kate argued.
  Her grandmother sighed. 'That baby, are you, Kate. He got your mother pregnant but because they weren't in love with each other, she told him he was from her new friend.'
  'So Ronan doesn't know I’m… That I…’ she couldn't finish her sentence. It was too surreal.
  Her grandma shook her head though. 'No, he doesn't know.'
  Kate was shocked. She thought she would only visit her grandmother but now she was told Ronan fucking Finnegan was her father! 'But…  But why didn't you tell me earlier?' Kate asked, looking up to her grandmother.
  She sighed. 'Your mother didn't want me too. So I kept a promise with myself. I would tell you when you're eighteen, because you deserve to know who your real parents are and that one, in fact, isn't dead.’
  'Did my... No, the friend of my mother know?'
  'No, he didn't know.'
  Kate nodded slowly. 'So… Ronan is my father? And we both don’t know. Except me now, and you.'
  Her grandma nodded. 'That's right.'
  'How can you prove it though? Are you sure you aren’t making any mistakes in your mind?'
  'I am one hundred per cent sure, Kate. He is definitely your father… I have boxes at home, in the attic. There will be stuff from your parents, your real parents, and you. All the files, old photos, divorce papers… Everything…'
  Kate sighed. 'How am I going to tell him that?' she exclaimed. 'What would he say? I'm sure he won't believe me. Why would he?'
  Her grandma smiled softly. 'You can both go to the house and search in the boxes. I'm sure that's evidence enough.'
  Kate nodded, happy with that. She still didn't believe it wholly, but her grandma wasn't the type to lie and especially not if she said that there was evidence enough.
  Her grandma put her hand on her cheek again and smiled softly. 'Sleep,' she said. 'You're tired. It's a lot of information.'
  The girl nodded and stood up, moving to the couch in the room. She made a bed for herself and laid down.
  'Goodnight, Katy.'

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Long lost family...
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