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Friedrich Fuchs
Total Asshole
Friedrich Fuchs

Name : Izza
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Other accounts : Sophie Smith, Feliciano Vargas, Dmitri Krylov
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Plot Team10

Dear Guest,
60 years ago Harriet Westwood, a young Irish mutant and her twin brother Philip Westwood moved to a small village in the south of England. Hiding their mutation for everyone, even their parents, not wanting to frighten anyone. A year past by and  everything went well, until one day Philip got scolded at by an angry boy. He attacked, not having controle over his power. Later that they an angered mass of villagers had gathered before their door and eventually broke in, killing Philip and their parents. Harriet escaped and moved to Scotland, not talking, she didn't want friends and became a social outcast. Until she was 30 and saw a kid who lost his parents, killing them by accident with his powers. He reminded her of Philip. She decided to adopt him and brought him back to the place they used to live in England. She decided to start a school there in name of Philip to make sure nothing like that happened again. Now 30 years later, the adopted kid took over her job as principle and now owns one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

The staffmembers
© 2017 Westwood

Plot Fried10
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