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 How to basic (open topic)

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Nick de Jong
Flying High
Nick de Jong

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How to basic (open topic) Empty

He sighted before moving the bottle of gin to ome of the drawers in his desk, well yeah his desk , he couldn't stand the ones the school had so he brought his own, that other one's wood was slightly darker than he likes. He sat down on his spinning chair and spinned around for a few minutes while kids sat down and took out their chemistry books pff nerds. He stopped spinning to look at them and blinked yeah...classes yay time to fuck these kids up with * sparkle emoji *SCIENCE* sparkleemoji *
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Kate Finnegan
Kate Finnegan

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How to basic (open topic) Empty

  Quickly she put her graffiti in her bag. Class already begun, but she couldn't let this piece unfinished. She stepped back and looked at what she made. She nodded satisfied. With that, she basically jumped on her skateboard and fastened towards the school.

  She skated through the hallways, not caring about the rules. Once she was by the classroom she needed to be, she stepped off her skateboard, picked it up and opened the door. She made a salute to mister de Jong.
'Oi, how ya doing?' She walked towards her table and sat down. She put her legs on the chair next to her. She looked at the teacher and sighed. Another boring lesson.
  Fucking science ugh.
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How to basic (open topic)
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