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 About RPG

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Friedrich Fuchs
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Friedrich Fuchs

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About RPG Empty

About RPG Team10

Dear Guest,

As you probably have noticed this is a RPG forum. RPG stands for Roleplaying Game. This means you write stories with your character, together with other members. If you don't understand this and are new to roleplaying on a forum like this, try to look at other people's topics to get an idea of what this means. If you still don't get it, or need help you can always contact the staffmembers, who are happy to help you.  Ofcourse roleplaying has it's rules and things you need to remember:
-On this forum, you first need to have a faceclaim and a approved character sheet before you can start posting. If it takes longer than 24 hours before you get a message about your sheet, please contact a staffmember. We might have missed it.
-Don't start a topic with someone without this person's permission to do so, so ask that person if they want a topic with you. Ofcourse, you can start open topics, which eberybody can reply to.
-Do not complain that the person who you have a topic with, takes too long too reply. Ofcourse you can always remind the user of the topic you two have, but don't start whining if it takes sometime, everyone here has a personal life that is most of the time more important than this forum.
-Don't post before your turn, this usually is with a topic with more than 2 people. Wait until it's your turn and only post sooner if you have the permission of the other 2(+) members.
The staffmembers
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About RPG Fried10
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About RPG
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