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 Alexis Benes

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Alexis Benes
Alexis Benes

Name : Cam
Age : 22
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Character sheet
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Alexis Benes Empty

Name: Maria Amira Alexis Benes
Age: 18 Years old
Gender: Non binary
Nationality: Hungarian
Sexuality: Androsexual (Male-orientated)
Mutation: They can feel the presence of objects and living beings
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Birthday: 10th of October

Hair: Short brown
Eyes: Forest green
Length: 1,80 m
Weight: 60 kg
Scars: None

Enemies: church basically
Parents: Ruby Benes♀ & Laszlo Benes♂
Siblings: None

Alexis is calm and reserved. She is focused on the things she has to do, it's hard to get her out of concentration sometimes and let her relax. She can be indecisive at times, making it last longer before she gets an answer or knows how to solve things. Once she made the decision, however, she is sure of her case. She is gentle, kind and respectful. She tries to understand everything. She looks at things with a logical sense and is overall pretty smart. She is mature, making her seem a bit dull at times. Sometimes she can be shy and isolates herself from others. She doesn't want to bother anyone with the problems she might have, knowing there are others who deserve that help far more than she. She will survive, so she tells herself. Once you get to know her she is loyal and she can be very romantic when it comes to it.

Likes: Muse, listening to music, dawn, walking through nature, fashion, photography
Dislikes: people not accepting each other, her parents
Dreams: Being able to do something in the fashion business, even when they're blind.
Fears: Churches, not being accepted
Extra: Has a decease called Retinitis Pigmentosa which causes them to be completely blind at both eyes, suffers from nightmares.

Alex was born in Hungary. She grew up as only child in a catholic family. When she was 6 years old she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. That's a decease which causes total blindness at both eyes over the years. Alexis was treated though, learned to read braille, walk with a cane and how to use technology and any other things you learn. That didn't mean she was really accepted within her family, but it wasn’t that bad.

Until Alexis started to feel neither a boi nor a girl. She didn't speak of it, thinking it was nothing. Some years later she learned the term Agender and discovered there was a name for her feeling that way. She learned about the pronouns they/them and discovered she also wouldn't mind being called he/him. She told her parents about it, not knowing the danger she was getting herself in. Her parents were horrified. Alexis was told that it was bad to feel that way, but Alexis didn't believe in the rules the church had. She was very accepting and wanted others to be that way aswell. Her parents didn't knew what to do with her and went to the church, getting to their last options to ''fix'' Alex.

When Alexis was 16 years old, she got into behavior therapy, such as shock therapy. It didn't make Alex ‘’better’’ in the slightest, it even made her have mild depression. She lost hope in God and the church and argued with her parents about it, but they wouldn't change their thoughts. Alexis stayed with her gender identity, trying to ignore all of it.

At the age of 17 her parents tried another way; corrective rape. That happened in the church, making every church a place for her to think back to it. Since then she never set foot in a church ever again. Some months later with still all the therapies going on, she discovered she could feel the presence of objects and living beings. Knowing it would endanger her, she didn't tell anything to her parents. Some months later she got message from Westwood. Her parents, horrified and shocked that she was a mutant immediately disowned her. She got sent to Westwood and in the same summer her parents moved to America, leaving nothing behind for Alex, including the address of their new place.

Alexis now follows class at Westwood, sad, broken and scarred for life. She doesn't make much contact with the others since she tends to isolate herself. Knowing more people struggle with issues she doesn't seek any help, ignoring her own feelings about all that happened to her.

Disclaimer: All things are based on research and own interpretation. May I have hurt anyone, sorry. Send love<3

Alexis Benes IjvvEpV
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Alexis Benes
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