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 Emelie Leclair

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Emelie Leclair
Emelie Leclair

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@Emelie Leclair wrote:
~Emelie Leclair~


Name: Emelie Leclair
Age: 18 ( 500 something)
nationality: French
ethnicity: only god knows
zodiac: idk man
birthday: lol
mutation: immortality

siblings : one unnamed little brother
husbands: all deceased and forgotten
kids: oof


Emelie is a calm and collected person, for those who don't know her all too well. She might appear to just not care about anyone nor about herself as she's usually extremely held back and snarky to people, acting like she doesn't need anyone in her life, mostly coming from all the times she did get attached to someone and seeing them grow old and die. But once you get to know her she slowly shows her true colours as a fun 18 years old instead of the boring snarky adult being a teacher had forced her to become ( as she quickly learned she shouldn't befriend or hang out with those of her age, the students, if she wanted to be at least somewhat of a good teacher). So  enjoying a party and a good drink, playing games, following the latest trends and enjoying a good gossip with a nice lit cigarette between her fingers, lung cancer ( good luck keeping this girl dead) are definitely on her favourite list once she breaks out of her shell and finally is who she really is,  following her mental age of 18. apart from that she can be nurturing for anyone who is casted out or has troubles, but isn't quick in it like others such as Ronan or whatever , she tends to rather  observe first and stay away from it as long as possible just to avoid getting attached but after some time she do be the one approaching if needed.
so personality traits:

good traits: smart, funny, quick-witted, sarcasm on point, collected, nurturing
bad traits: Snarky, sharp-tongued, stubborn, laid back


Emelie Leclair was born in a village somewhere in France somewhere around the year 1450 where she lived with her parents, her father a simple blacksmith, her mother and her little brother, not much is known about this part of her life as she forgot most of it. She died at the age of 18, drowning in a river nearby her house when she tried to get her little brother away from the slippy mud that surrounded it, which ended in a struggle between the two. Her little brother refusing to give in, this struggle would end in her slipping at a push of her brother. Falling into the water as a result, now wouldn't this be much of a problem as the waters the would be to shallow to actually drown, if it wasn't spring that is. The snow had begun to melt and so it did on the tops of the high mountains that formed the source of the river which resulted in large amounts of water to come down from it, rushing through the rivers of France. This all causing the river Emelie fell into to have an extremely strong flow as large bodies of water dragged her away underwater. This being the later dark ages she could not swim nor resist the strong flow causing her to drown, if her head hitting the rocks underwater hadn't killed her already. But the next thing she knew she woke up on the riverbank miles and miles away from her home, which she would never see again...
and from then on she just..lived...and died but always woke up again as she made her way through all the ages up until now and with all the knowledge she had required in her life about the course of history she managed to get a job at Westwood the day it became a school and was never able to leave as she couldn't go to any college or university with the previous school history or GCSE results she never got and will never be able to get...
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Emelie Leclair
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