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 Dmitri Krylov

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Dmitri Krylov
School Communist
Dmitri Krylov

Name : Izza
Age : 21
Other accounts : Friedrich Fuchs, Sophie Smith, Feliciano Vargas
Posts : 42
Coins : 40

Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Mixed

Dmitri Krylov Empty

Name: Dmitri Krylov
Age: 17 y/o
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russian
Sexuality: ?
Mutation: Manipulating technology

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Length: 189cm/6ft 2'
Weight: 80 kg/176.4 lbs
Build: Normal
Scars: only in his heart
Accessories: beans

Friends: beans
Enemies: anyone
Parents: sold for beans
Siblings: Friday Becky, 3 others that were sold for beans
Other family: sold for beans, Nick de Jong, Abel de Jong

Personality: Quiet - Intimidating - Cold - Violent - Nice deep, deep down
Likes: beans
Dislikes: no beans,  pig
Dreams: becoming the bean master
Fears: Running out of beans

he sold his mom for a beans


message me for selling of bean.....
good page
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Dmitri Krylov
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