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 oh, Hell?

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Hannes Müller
Hannes Müller

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oh, Hell? Empty

He woke up, his eyes narrowed as he stared at his ringing phone "I hate you" he mumbled as he turned around, ignoring the call, something he had been doing the past couple of days, well that and drawing but further then that nothing, he just didn't have the energy, and had been 'sick' the past three weeks, missing every class there was, even p.e and mister fuchs classes...wait had he called in sick this week? he thought for a moment he couldn't remember doing it, nor did he care. Walking to his phone was too much of an effort he do rather stay in bed and sleep away the last days of this schoolyear not that he would be able to go to germany, his mom and stepfather, sister and brother were to busy with that stupid kid that he had just heard about. plus they were away this whole summer, probably happy that he could stay at school. He looked up an looked at his alarm clock, 12:35 pm , the german sights as he got out of bed, maybe there was something interesting in warlington, like dogs and owners to judge on how they handled their dogs. He opened the curtains , being blinded by the sun for a moment, his headache was still killing him "urgh today sucks, i am going back to bed" he mumbled as he closed them again and laid down enjoying the silence of his dorm, and tried to sleep , not that he could , so he just laid there doing nothing else then staring at the wall...

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oh, Hell?
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