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 What the fuck did i miss?! ( Friedjuh)

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Jessica Anderson
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What the fuck did i miss?! ( Friedjuh)  Empty

She looked around her, the school was so em
pty? where were the teachers? and the students? Where were her friends, her mentor'? what happened?. Did she really fly for 10 hours, excited to see her friends again only to not find them, to see her dorm being different met weirdo's in it? WITH FUCKING MEMES ON THE WALL?!. And that's why she was now running to the principal's office to tell principal roberts all about her hate and for ANWSERS ofcourse. This american wasn't going to give up until she saw blood or anwsers! She was ready for the confrontation with that fat fuck named principal roberts!. She opened the door With one angry push, wrath in her brown eyes "What the fuck happened principal roberts!" she yelled as she stormed towards the desk only to look up and realized that it wasn't principal roberts who was sitting there, if the smell of coffee hadn't told her already "Friedrich?! What the fuck are you doing here? Where is roberts? " she frowned "What the fuck happened here?! Where is mrs Machado? And where the fuck are my classmates?! Oh and why are there two weirdo's in my . FUCKING. dorm!" she yelled slamming her hands on the desk ....

What the fuck did i miss?! ( Friedjuh)  Jess_o14
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What the fuck did i miss?! ( Friedjuh)
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