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 Jessica Anderson

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Jessica Anderson
Loves Fish
Jessica Anderson

Name : lol
Age : 21
Posts : 301
Coins : 302

Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Culture

Jessica Anderson  Empty

Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson

age: 17
birthday: 3th  of august
zodiac: Leo

nationality: American ( united states)
ethinicity:  too much
Jessica is a mixed race girl with dark brown curly hair often in a bun.  She does not have any scars, well at least no abnormal scars. She often wears some what sporty or loose clothes and prefers comfortable clothes over stylish clothes, and loves bomber jackets . She ussually wears sneakers and really does not care about the dresscode, and often wears the school uniform wrongly. She is not tall but also not short.

Jessica is an energetic and cheerful person, . She has the habit to sticking her nose in other people's buissiness which makes her a rather hard person to become good friends with. She can read the atmosphere pretty good but often chooses not too.  Jess is the kind of person, who when she wants something, she does everything to get it, this often being attention, her having a pretty serious attention issue. This makes her a pretty outspoken girl who isn't affraid to be the center of attention, but also makes her really annoying most of the time, which is also a reason for her not having a lot of really good friends. Cause most of her friends are people she talks with a lot, which is basically everyone who meets her.

Likes: fastfood, junkfood, sports such as football and volleyball, watching movies or tv series, talking with people, getting to know people, iced coffee,
dislikes: school, being alone, green food,  horror movies, maps , new york, iowa , greek food, the colour purple
fears: Paranormal shit and small spaces( claustrophobic )


Eric Anderson & tui Anderson
brothers: Dwight anderson ( 23) , micheal Anderson (26)
friends: everyone except joli and Hannes
frenemies: Dmitri


jess was born in california, U.S.A and pretty much lived there her whole life. She loved to swim and still does. Her life was pretty normal to be honest, always having had small attention issues but they where pretty mild back then, she also had a weird habit of looking at strangers, studying there behaviors. Back then her parents did not think much of it " just a weird kid habit" but this did not dissapear, it eventually getting worse and worse, till the point that the little girl noticed averything, every little scratch on a shoe, evey hair on someone clothes. Jess began to get annoyed cause of it, but the urge only grew and grew to the point that with a blink of an eye she could regonice someone with suicidal thoughts.  This lead to her ruining peoples life's noticing when someone cheated on someone, or noticing when someone lied. When she was 9 she got accepted into a special school in america, for kids with attitude problems, caise people thought she was a liar and bad behaved. when she was 14 a teacher came to her, mrs Machado, a mexican  teacher at westwood , who  teached p.e there before mister de jong. She was on a trip through the usa and mexico and immideatly regonized that she was not badly behaved or rude but had a mutation. She convinced her parents to let her go to westwood and she became her first mentor. Jess was the reason why weekend detention became a thing and was more outside of the classroom then in it, her constantly being send out cause she talked too much and too loudly. But one day, she completely fucked up, and caused a huge fire and almost explosion in a science classroom, causing her to be expelled from school for one year. Mrs machado tried to stop this but failed unfortunatly.
Jessica has an pretty much unamed mutation. She can see everything in a person, and i am not talking about organs and bones, no i mean mentally. Even the smallest scratch on someone's shoe can tell her a whole story about theat person. She knows an intire person just by studying it's behaviour. With this mutation she can predict your actions and reactions on things, with this she can basically change herself to fit in that, causing her to use manipulativeness as a weapon to get what she wants .

Jessica Anderson  Jess_o14
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Jessica Anderson
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