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 Bad luck ( Sooffffff )

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Nick de Jong
Flying High
Nick de Jong

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Bad luck ( Sooffffff ) Empty

He sights as he scrolled through a newspage, a shimmer of sadness in his blue eyes as he looked at the author of the article...his name should have been there...it should have been him!. It would have been so different if it was him...then he wouldn't be in this hellhole he was now, ofcourse, he liked this school and cared about everyone, but... he shook his head and closed his stolen laptop and stared at people outside, seeing a few kids talking and a few guys playing soccer. A soft smile appeared on his face as he began to pack his stuff, he really needed to get going or he would miss his deal! And he really needed the money and couldn't lose clients again!...
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Bad luck ( Sooffffff )
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