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 Nick de jong

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Nick de Jong
Flying High
Nick de Jong

Name : wut
Age : 31
Posts : 229
Coins : 222

Character sheet
Role: Teacher
Science/Culture: Science

Nick de jong  Empty

Name: Nick de jong
flying dutchman
speedster on speed

Nationality:  Dutch
ethnicity: 50% dutch 50% canadian

Friends: Friedrich Fuchs, Dylan Collins
Fave students: sophie smith, -

Dad: Eric de jong
Mom:  alfreda budny
Son: Abel de jong
Ex: friday becky
Extra: Dmitri (Friday becky's brother, abel's uncle) lol!
speaks: dutch, english( canadian accent)
extra: reads lips and knows sign language

eye colour: green (redish hehehehe)
hair colour: blonde
height: 1.91

personality: Stubborn | Outgoing | hyper | loud | all over the place | pathalogical lair | charasmatic | manipuliveness (when needed) | irresponsibility (most of the time) | narcism (at times)| charming | proneness to boredom | fun loving | opportunistic
likes: drugs | Alcahol | fun | bunnies | the colour blue |teaching | running |money | flowers
hates: Hospitals | needles | deceases | being broke | spiders | animals |
fears: hights | hospitals | spiders | decease |needles
nick was born in s-hertogenbosch, the netherlands where he lived with his mother. His father was the son of a canadian soldier and  a dutch recistance member. His mom the daughter of a polish soldier and a dutch woman. He lived a normal life until his mom and dad got divorced when he was 3  . Him having to live with his dad in toronto , canada. He moved back to the netherlands when he was 10, and his dad got ill, so ill that he couldn't take care of his son because a became deaf and tired.   His mom got a new boyfriend who became abusive towards him and his mom, them being pretty poor. His mom got addicted to drugs, not wanting to admit her boyfriend was wrong. when nick was 12 he ran away from home, after his mom smacked him in the face with a wine bottle. Nick hang around with the wrong friends leading him to get addicted to every drug he could get his hand on, and noticed how easily he could get money by dealing and stealing. When he was 15 he overdosed for the first time, this being the eye opener his mom needed, she broke up with her boyfriend and nick was kinda happy  . But his mom got pregnant and got a daughter who was ofcourse disabled, his mom not wanting to quit the drugs and shit. nick, still dealing and stealing got arrested many times, but often got set free cause of his manipulitiveness and charm. But his mom couldn't help him , cause she herself was addicted. When he was 16 , his dad recovered and was ablte to care for him again  When he was 17 he  discovered his power an half year later his dad took it pretty well, nick's grandfather on his fathers side  had the same mutation, which was the reason he survived the war. Nick went to westwood but did't graduate untill he was 19. He got an girlfriend and lived a pretty happy life, still addicted but he at least tried to stop. He became a journalist, a pretty good one too, untill a co worker grew jealous and gave him wrong information, leading to him getting fired. Afer that he began to deal in drugs aagain, but eventually found a job as a teacher at westwood. and actually was a pretty good teacher, maybe that was the reason why  principal roberts trusted him enough to tell him what he was plabning to do. Nick however was against it and warned his best friend ( according to nick). Hannes happened to find this out and told on him. Leading to nick almost getting killed, but the dutchman escaped only to be pushed of the stairs by Maria later. Maria ( mrs muchado) saw him lying there, motionless, and thought he was dead and walked away. While nick was only able to hear a high pitched tone, which was the last thing he heard without ear aids, cause the fall hit him that hard. He asn't able to move his leg, and lost most of his hearing. This left him, fired and unable to make money. His girlfriend left him and he couldn't do anything. Luckily , after his leg healed, he learned how to walk again, still with a small limp, but it will go away eventually. After the principal was killed, nick got his job back, thanks to the new principal, friedrich, After he got hearing aids and now teaches, biology, chemistery, science, math and p.e at westwood!

Weakspot: Whiskey | rubik's cubes | the stairs  | money

Extra's :
1. He is colourblind |tritanopia vision|
2. 80% deaf in left  ear , 91% in the other ( cause of the fall)

super speed, he can run, move and heal fast
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Nick de jong
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