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 Eric Furgenson

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Eric Furgenson
Who's A Good Boi?
Eric Furgenson

Name : Sanne
Posts : 120
Coins : 123

Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Mixed

Eric Furgenson  Empty

Eric Furgenson
age: 16
gender: Male
Sexuality: straight
zodiac sign: Cancer
Birthday: june 24th
nationality: Scottish
ethnicity: 75% scottish 25% welsh

Family :
father: Peter furgenson
mother: Holly furgenson
brother Damien furgenson
sister: Jocelyn furgenson

appearance :
Eric is an of average height guy with dark blonde hair and brown eyes.
Extra: has glasses but doesn't wear them that often

personality and interests:
eric is a goofy and mostly fun guy that likes nothing more than being silly  . But that doesn't mean he is all that mindless, him being one of the most easily stressed people you'll ever meet in your entire fucking life, stressing over the littelest things you can imagine. Like seriously everything can set this guy off into stress. But enough about stress, further then that he's an extremly depandable friend once you've earned his easily obtainable trust and has the habit of being loyal to people no matter what happens. This often getting him in bad situations as he is extremely receptive to anyone who is willing to. He's extremely protective to those he loves or likes and is known to be lack on keeping grudges towards someone. But is known to be slightly tenacious on opinions and stories people tell him to believe in. Him being this loyal and receptive make him easily lead however , so you can assume 80% of what he does or sais is someone else's thinking.
good traits:
loyal, silly, generous, dependable and hardworking
bad traits
sentimental, easily lead,  anxious , naive
being alone, loss , failure
cooking ,going outside, going out for a run, being around others , doing things for others and collecting random shit that arent of much worth but to him it's like gold

History :
early childhood,  
Eric is born in a soewhat small town in the north ireland. He was an only child back then and , usually playing outside with his friends or doggo and sitting in his garden at night to look at stars. But further then that he grew up a happy kid that spend most of his time outside out on the highlands of scotland running around and jumping in rainpuddles and mud.
teen years,
they moved to warlington when he was 14 years old. Where he had it pretty rough, people at school would laugh at his accent, especially in the south of england , and his dad would just tell him to get tough.  So he got lonely, with no one rllly to talk to, what made him an easy victim for thep prick we all know and hate clint. Thinking he finally had a friend he believed everything this 21 year old guy said. which gave him an escape from school and from his extremely strict and cheating father. He started to drink and unknowingly do drugs. he eventuslly  choose to stay ewith his dad afte the cheating was revealed while his mom went back  to scotland .  but everything changed when he got arrested at clint's after not coming home for a like two weeks being under influence of drugs.  it also was in those two weeks he shifted for the first time, something kate saw which will be important information in a bit ,so yeh social service it was, and a like forever grounding by his dad, the chief of the police department near warlingham. luckily however Kate and her dad ronan saved him out of it after kate helped him tell his dad he got a mutation who send him to westwood ofcourse.
shapeshifting, ddr sheppard pupper , easily shifts when he's anxious which is often really .
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Eric Furgenson
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