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 Hannes Müller

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Hannes Müller
Hannes Müller

Age : 20
Posts : 621
Coins : 551

Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Science

Hannes Müller Empty

Hannes Müller

age : 16
birthday: 13th of january
zodiac: Capicorn
sexuality: straight

nationality: German
Ethnicity: 50% german 50% austrian

brat (fried)
asshole (everybody)
mewling quim (joli)
con (joli)
prick (fried)
bastard (fried + dad + mom + Kate)
Midget ( kate)
garbage child  ( people)

appereance: Hannes is short boy with  brown  hair and hazel colored  eyes.

Personality and interests:
Hannes is a tough, serieus kid who has a weak spot for rules and order. And get frustrated when someone or he himself breaks one. He makes schedules for everything and has trrouble relaxing, Probably those who are closest to him are the only ones that have seen him "relaxed". He's a hard working guy , who loves sports such as soccer and ski jumping. He absolutly hates cats and sweet stuff like candy and tea. He is rude to a lot of people and has trouble feeling what others feel. He honours the law and is polite to those higher then him acording to the law. He is extremely stubborn and mostly does things by himself not wanting help.

personality traits: stubborn | short tempered | serious | hardworking | introvert | know it all | smartass | charismatic | hates other human beings | loyal |

Hannes was born in Roskilde, Denmark, where his mom was for her work, he didn't get the danish nationality though, cause a few days after he was born he moved to his grandpa who lived in the woods near  munich, where his mom was born aswell. His family was really religious, so his mom wasn't happy when she got a kid with a stranger without being married to said person, hannes being a bastard kid , causing her to pretty much ignore the kid, not wanting to face her mistakes, while his grandpa and grandmother did except him, cause they are amazing. So he basically grew up with his grandma and grandpa cause his mom stayed in denmark. However, after his grandma died when he was 5 his mom couldn't hide in denmark anylonger and had to move to münchen aswell. It was at this point that hannes found out more about his mystery dad that had never been there cause he wasn't really allowed to ask about him. But he did find out that he had an older half brother in austria, and that he was half austrian. So what did this not so smart young boy? he began to send letter's and didn't stop, even though he never got one back. So he now lived with his grandpa and mom, even though his mom never paid much attention to the boy. Hannes would get into a lot of fights at school, just to get the attention, but eventually began to understand that he wouldn't get it, instead he just got in trouble and his grandpa would get mad evertytime, while his mom pretty much ignored it. When he was 9 the door scene happened ( fu guys ain't gonna type it out)¨. when he was 12 he and his grandpa would go out hunting a lot which is the best time of his life yet, until he was 14 and was too stubborn to listen his grandpa and shot two wolf pups, only to be bitten by their mom later, luckily his dogs were there to help him out. this event caused him to lose his thumb and his arm is now scarred. His grandpa was furious and basically dragged him through the forest. This was also the age where he stopped writing letter ..cause they never arrived. And his grandpa died when he was 14, so his mom had to take care of him now..yay. They moved a lot from appartmnt to appartment within munich and berlin. This was the moment from which hannes began to care about rules and laws, cause it was the only things that stayed the same andnever changed. He had to give away his dogs aswell cause his mom didn't want them. When he turned 15 his mom finally found an man who she would marry later. His name was   Bjørn Anderson, a norwegian man who worked and lifed in munich, he had two kids, kaj and lykke, kaj is someone u can hate btw, just hate him alright he sucked. Anyways so they moved again and lived together, hannes got a dog again, as a present from his now stephdad, who was kind and fun, but also away a lot cause of his work. Kaj used to be a dick towards him, and if hannes said something back it was his fault and he was the one who got punished, while it wasn't his fault, luckily lykke was kind, just like her dad. So now he was 16 and one day he was just cooking when he accidentally kncked over oil, and his temprature rose cause he was mad cause it ruined his food, so the oil on his hands burned, and he was scared and that's how he burned down the kitchen. His mom and stephdad just came home and in his panic he accidentally burned his mom a bit, so what did the genius boy do? he ran to his room and didn't get out, not wanting to face his scared and angry mom. Until a man came, called mister de jong, there to destroy his life, he offered him a place in westwood, a school for people like him, so he 'kindly' declined the offer and then he suddenly woke up at westwood he was panicking until it was time for the football match and he suddenly was calm again, turns out one of the teachers there was his older half brother who had ignored him for like 7 years or something idk you do the math. so months went by and then sof came into his life who is weird, together they folowed the principal, cause rules. He accidentally killed a girl who didn't follow the rules and was killing people wwithout knowing he did, not knowing what the principal did to the unfortynate peeps. Eventually he realized that what he did was fucked up and he got arrested and conviced for two months..yay. And began to question the rules, causing him to get depressed cause of all his guilt. He got out of jail and became 'friends' with the wrong people and began drinking, a lot...and that's kinda where we are rn, stay tuned for the next chapter of his life called " the uck am i doing with my life why am i still working on this sheet wtf sanne, get a life'

mother: Helena Müller
father: Tobias Fuchs
steph father:   Bjørn Anderson
steph brother ( 24) :  Kaj Olsen
steph sister ( 17) : Lykke Olsen
half brother |father's side| (26) : Friedrich Fuchs
half sister | Mother's side ( 1) : Nils Olsen

Speaks: German , english , norwegian ( a bit )
friends: None
enemies: joli favre

likes:  cooking, organizing, making lists, dogs, sports
dislikes: a lot of things
fears: BIRDS,wolves, every animal  that flies except bumblebees

Thermal Manipulation, he can change tempretures of himself and surroundings, but not other humans, allthough he can burn them with his own temprature

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Hannes Müller
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