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 Rose Byers

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Rose Byers
Memelord Wanna-Be
Rose Byers

Name : Cam
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Character sheet
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Rose Byers Empty

Name: Roselia Byers
Age: 12 years old
Gender: Female
Nationality: British
Sexuality: Straight
Mutation: Night vision
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: 5th of November

Hair: Brown curls
Eyes: Blue
Length: 1,53 m
Weight: 50 kg
Scars: None

Friends: Lucy
Enemies: oh boi
Parents: Jack Byers & Nathalie Byers
Siblings: none
Crush: none

Rose is quite the bitch. She acts all bitchy just to be popular. But underneath that she doesn't really want to be any of that. She just wants to be a normal girl, having real friends and not to be pushed around by her mother. It didn't help that she was bullied at her former school aswell, especially because her parents said it was her own fault and she should do something about it at the next school. Rose now has the idea she got to prove to her parents she can be the daughter they want her to be, especially for her mom. That means, get popular, have a boyfriend and making it as a model.

Likes: swimming, having fun with friends, photography
Dislikes: being alone, someone making fun of her, her mothing bossing her around
Dreams: her mom to like her for who she really is
Fears: not being accepted by her parents, especially her mother

Rose grew up somewhere in a city in England. Her parents are total shits. She got bullied at school and her parents said it was her own fault. Her mother wants her to be really popular and get into modeling later. When Rose was eleven years old she discovered she had the mutation night vision. She was sent to Westwood that same year. She wanted to please her mom, so she started to act like a bitch to become popular.
A comment about her weight of the most popular girl in the school, Sophie Smith, made her see that she should indeed lose weight to become popular, and later a model. Her mother aswell doesn't care she starves herself, because in her eyes it's ''whatever it takes to become what you need to be.''

Rose Byers DxV4S5T
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Rose Byers
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