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 Lucy Roberts

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Lucy Roberts
Lucy Roberts

Name : Isa
Age : 15
Posts : 9
Coins : 8

Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Culture

Lucy Roberts Empty

Deep in their roots

all flowers keep the light.

Theodore Roethke

Name: Lucy Roberts
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Nationality: Greek (British)
Sexuality: Straight
Mutation: Light manipulation
Faceclaim: Laneya Grace

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Length: 1m 65
Weight: 52kg
Build: Thin
Scars: None
Accessories: A necklace with her grandmother's wedding ring

Friends: Rose (NPC)
Enemies: Anyone Rose hates
Parents: Bruce Roberts x Alisa Roberts
Siblings: Charlotte Roberts (5 y/o)
Other family: Lottie Jenkins (grandmother)

Personality: A sweet girl who cares a lot about other people. She always tries to make everybody comfortable, sometimes at her own cost. Is generally happy, and hard to get angry. Thinks before she acts. She is that type of girl who doesn't hand in her tests until the last moment because she has to check every single answer.
Likes: Gardening, drawing, baking, unironically likes sewing and knitting
Dislikes: French cheese, politics, brussels sprouts
Dreams: Finding true love, having a happy family
Fears: Horses

Lucy's parents moved to Greece from the UK two years before she was born.
She is the first in the family with a mutation, so naturally, her parents were somewhat afraid of it. She was sent to Westwood last summer, so she still needs to find her place. Lucy immediately became friends with Rose, a bitchy girl who tries to imitate the AWESOME SOPHIE SMITH. Lucy tries to be like Rose as much as possible because she wants to fit in with the popular kids.

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Lucy Roberts
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