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Friedrich Fuchs
Total Asshole
Friedrich Fuchs

Name : Izza
Location : yeahhhhh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Age : 31
Other accounts : Sophie Smith, Feliciano Vargas, Dmitri Krylov
Posts : 129
Coins : 74

Character sheet
Role: Teacher
Science/Culture: Mixed

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Faceclaims Team10

Dear Guest,
It's not allowed to share a faceclaim with somebody else. Before you make a avatar, please check this list first. If your name isn't on it, fill in this form:
[b]Name character:[/b]
[b]Name faceclaim:[/b]

List of faceclaims:
Please let a staffmember know if you change your faceclaim.
The staffmembers
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Faceclaims Fried10
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