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 Alexis Benes

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Alexis Benes


Name : Cam
Age : 17
Other accounts : Joli Favre, Kate West & Dylan Collins
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Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Mixed

Name: Alexis Benes
Age: 18 Years old
Gender: Agender
Nationality: Hungarian
Sexuality: Pansexual
Mutation: They can feel the presence of objects and living beings
Zodiac Sign: Libra

Hair: Short brown
Eyes: Forest green
Length: 1,80 m
Weight: 60 kg
Scars: None

Parents: Ruby Benes♀ & Laszlo Benes♂
Siblings: Kristof ♂(20), Marik ♂(10), Iren♀(5)

Respect is really important for Alexis. They respect others, so they assume others do that too. They hate it when someone isn’t respectful. They accept the believes and choices of others, even if that means they’re against them. If you make a little mistake qua gender or anything, they won’t get mad. They will correct you though, if you’re not doing it yourself.
Alexis is very chill too. They don’t make a lot of fuss about something and they can keep themselves calm very well. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about it though.
They are quiet too. Not because they’re shy, just because they don’t think there isn’t much to say. They only talk when they think it’s needed or if someone ask something, of course. If they talk though, it’s with honesty and care. Alex never lies, even when it’s the hard truth. They say it in a subtle way though, not wanting to hurt others feelings.
They also listen. Not only because they can’t really do anything else. They really do listen to someone and they’re very captivated in others and their stories.
Alexis is a real perfectionist too. They don’t stop until it’s good. They are very precise. They really hate it when something isn’t good enough or if the coordination with their mutation isn’t good. Alex also tend to become insecure if their mutation isn’t working properly. They hesitate with things and have less confidence than normal. They can become mad at themselves about it, but it won’t last longer than a couple of hours, or less. Their confidence is what them helps back on track.
Yes, they have a lot of confidence, even when their past wasn’t that good. They believe in who they are and believes that God will be there, even when you don’t see him for a while. Their confidence isn’t too much though. They won’t push themselves and they don’t think they’re better than others. Everyone’s equal for Alexis.
Even when they’re a perfectionist, Alex can be very messy sometimes. And that’s not only because they’re blind. Their dorm room is like an explosion and their workplace is terrible too. The end result is very neat though. Appearance is something else. Then they are very neat and precise.
They may seem very quiet at first, but they can be very enthousiastic when it comes to things they love and like. For example, they love parties, they're actually a partyanimal. Not something you should say firsthand. It's just covered by the mature and reserved way they act at first.

Likes: Muse, dawn, fashion, photography
Dislikes: people not accepting each other,
Dreams: Being able to do something in the fashion business, even when they're blind.
Extra: Believes in God, completely blind to both eyes,  

Alexis grew up in a Christan family as a girl. However, they didn’t feel like a girl or a boy from young age. Their parents thought it was a phase and it will go over. They were going to a Christian school too so there they thought it was a phase too. Both environments tried to teach them that being Agender is a sin. Alexis didn’t believe it. As Alexis got older, they more and more didn’t feel like a girl or boy
When they were 12 years old, they begun to feel small tintels on their skin. Alexis asked their parents but they ignored them, saying that they won’t talk to them until they stopped saying they were Agender. The tintels stayed but Alexis got used to it, barely feeling it.
When they got 13, their parents tried to change Alexis. They sent them to someone who tries to change their thoughts and shit. It didn’t work as expected. Alexis just got more confident about it, realizing they really were Agender. This disgusted their parents and they didn’t talked to Alex anymore. Alexis was broken but got used to it eventually, knowing that their parents thought of them like a devil and wont love them.

When they were 14, something really weird happened. Through the months, Alexis begun to lose vision in their eyes. Nobody knew what and why it was happening. Eventually, they got completely blind. From the outside you see nothing at the eyes but, Alex sees total blackness. Their parents, still not talking properly to them and still thought Alexis was a sin, knew that they had to change schools and everything with this mysteric disable. They wanted to dump them but there wasn’t anywhere to go for Alexis. And secretly they still hoped they would be "normal" again. They still helped them with the absolute things Alex couldn't do self, but still ignored them as much as possible. They still called Alexis she/her.
Alexis thought becoming blind was a punishment of God, for being Agender. They lost hope in God, but they still believed in themselves. This made them even more unacceptable for their parents.

In the years, Alexis felt more tintels on their skin and even felt things like tables and couches so that they didn’t bump into it. Eventually, they realized it was a mutation. They were a mutant! They managed to hide if for their parents and the school they were going to. Being mutant was absolute wrong in Hungary that time. Things were much easier with the mutation but Alex tried to hide it as good as they could.
This made their hope in God return. God didn’t punish them, God only gave them something that needed a sacrifice. They believed again, more than ever.

They had a brother of 7, Marik, when that happened. He didn’t think Alexis was a sin and when he could he talked to them and they played together. He knew about the mutation, but didn’t say anything, knowing it would bring Alex in trouble.
Alexis grew up further in a special school for their blindness.
They learned reading braille and because they could already write and with the mutation that helped them feeling, they practiced writing too. The writing is still messy, age 17, but you can read words. Almost.

When they were 17, their mother got work in America and they had to move. Then Alexis got into Westwood. Their parents, really shocked by the news that their "daughter" was a mutant and happy that they weren’t going with them, sent them off as quickly as possible. Marik was really sad but they promised to keep in touch. They call each other as much as possible.
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Alexis Benes
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