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 Emelie Kommer

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Emelie Kommer

Name : bish
Posts : 16
Coins : 15

Name : Emelie Kommer ( gran )
age: guess
sexuality: depends on age
zodiac: depends on year

nationality: even she doesn't know
ethnicity: roman
status: alive

history: too fucking much
likes: cookies, her students and ex students ( grand children to her), telling stories, her job, baking, art, history
dislikes: being ignored | being alone| her 'grand children' getting hurt| seeing everyone die, MARIA her biggest disgrace, pure hate.
fears: being alone, everyone dying around her
mutation: immortality
group: the fortunate group
right brained
personality: | sweet | bubbly | extroverted | overemotional| nostalgic | drama queen| energetic | strict| loyal | accepting | honest| an old soul |
hopes and dreams: that she will die one day and leave behind a happy westwood, seeing everyone becoming a good person, that everyone dies with a fully lifed life and a smile on their face, that there is a heaven and that she will see all her loved ones back

teaches: Art, crafts, history and drama

looks: small and awesome duh
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Emelie Kommer
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