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 Feliciano Vargas

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Feliciano Vargas

Name : moi
Age : 15
Other accounts : Friedrich Fuchs, Sophie Smith, Dmitri Krylov
Posts : 20
Coins : 19

Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Culture

Name: Feliciano Alfredo Giovanni Vargas
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Italian
Sexuality: Pasta
Mutation: Healing (he absorbs the pain himself though)

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Length: 178cm
Weight: 73kg
Build: Light
Scars: None Smile
Accessories: Glasses

Friends: everybody!
Enemies: nobody!
Parents: Very Happy
Siblings: Very Happy
Other family: ...Very Happy

Personality: Sweet - Caring - Innocent
Likes: Pasta, pizza, friends, sports, studying-
Dislikes: almost nothing
Dreams: publishing his own recipe book
Fears: someone not liking his pasta

his parents probably made him after snorting parmesan or something, i mean the boi loves it
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Feliciano Vargas
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