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 General Rules

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Friedrich Fuchs
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Friedrich Fuchs

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Dear Guest,
Underneath are the general rules of our forum. Please follow these rules. We're allowed to take actions if you don't.

OOC posts
-Don't fight. Please get a staffmember if things are getting out of hand.
-Be polite to each other. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
-Don't provoke. Remember, everybody can read along, so we'll always have proof.
-Don't post anything 18+/NSFW where everybody can see it. 18+ messages to somebody in private message without permission are also not allowed.
-Stay on-topic. If you want to play a game, sure, but please make a new topic so everything is a bit organized.
-Don't spam. You have a really nice edit button at the top of your message!
-Big images or long posts should always be in a spoiler.

IC posts
-Use correct grammar in your posts. Of course this doesn't have to be perfect.
-There is no minimum or maximum length of your post.
-You can't post with yourself, even if it's a topic with two different characters.
-Don't describe anything too graphic of 18+. Remember, there are a lot of minors here!
-We don't need the details of gory scenes.
-Only post in character in the RPG-areas.

Please message a staffmember if you see anybody breaking these rules.
The staffmembers
© 2017 Westwood

© 2017 Westwood
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General Rules
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