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 Waving through a window (friedrich)

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Joli Favre

Name : Cam
Location : hell
Age : 16
Other accounts : Kate West, Alexis Benes & Dylan Collins
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Joli stood apart of the rest, trying to calm down. That stupid awkward situation with Hannes had triggerd her. She didn't knew what happend but she got triggered. She took a deep breath. On that moment, someone bumped into her. She jumped up. Jeez.. 'Whoops es tut mir leid,' said Hannes. Fuck fuck fuck it was Hannes. Her breathing got worser and she didn't knew how to react. She wanted to say something but there was nothing coming out of her mouth. She begun shaking, she could barely stand. What the fuck is happening? This need to stop, NOW! They are looking at you goddamnit, JUST STOP! she screamed at herself in her head.

When it happens,
I feel like I can't breath.
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Waving through a window (friedrich)
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