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 Looking on the Bright side ( Feliciano)

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Feliciano Vargas
Feliciano Vargas

Name : moi
Age : 16
Other accounts : Friedrich Fuchs, Sophie Smith, Dmitri Krylov
Posts : 57
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Character sheet
Role: Student
Science/Culture: Culture

"oooooooh i know italy! i have been there once" His smile immediately reappeared. "Oh really! How was it??" The kid in front of him smiled as well. It was a smile party. " couldn't handle the warmth that well though, impressive how you guys can just do that, like what is the secret? " Feliciano laughed. "Eat lots of pasta and pizza, drink a lot of coffee and scream at everyone who does even a small thing wrong!" He scratched his head. "Oh, and of course behaving like an idiot in traffic!"

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Looking on the Bright side ( Feliciano)
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