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 x Friedrich Fuchs x

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Friedrich Fuchs
Total Asshole

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Character sheet
Role: Teacher
Science/Culture: Mixed

Name: Friedrich Fuchs
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Nationality: Austrian
Sexuality: Straight
Mutation: Shapeshifting into a fox for a max. of 2 hours

Hair: Blond (originally brown)
Eyes: Blue
Length: 178 cm (5 feet 10)
Weight: 70kg (154 pounds)
Build: Thin
Scars: None
Accessories: An old Nokia phone. He carries it everywhere with him, even though he has a new phone.

Friends: x
Enemies: x
Parents: Tobias Fuchs(NPC), Anna Moser (NPC)
Siblings: Hannes Müller, half-brother
Other family: x

Personality: easily annoyed x impatient but capable of giving endless deathglares x grumpy x kindhearted (deep inside)
Likes: Coffee, his little brother, cats, classical music
Dislikes: His dad, any music younger than 100 years, dogs (expect corgis), technology
Dreams: That Hannes will like him someday
Fears: That Hannes will hate him forever, one of his cats dying, shot while being fox

Friedrich was born in Salzburg, Austria. He lived there until he was 15, because he moved to Westwood.
Friedrich liked his dad, until he found out that Tobias had a son with another woman. He didn't blame the kid, but he did blame his dad. He was overwhelmed with emotions, triggering his first shapeshifting experience. He asked his mom for help, and she called Westwood. Friedrich moved to Westwood to control his powers. He was really happy there, and graduated with OK grades. He then became a teacher for Westwood.

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x Friedrich Fuchs x
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