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 Such a good student &Lucy

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Dylan Collins


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  The bell rang and Dylan jumped up a little in his chair, but hey, he didn't change! A smile appeared on his face as he looked how the young students packed their stuff. There was a break now, so it was the perfect time to keep Lucy Roberts behind for a moment. The man basically jumped up from his chair as his smile grew wider.
  'Miss Roberts!' he called the girl, with of course a hand motion in her way. He waited for her attention and then signed for her to walk over to him. He sat down on his desk and waited for the four students to leave the classroom. When they were gone he smiled brightly and clapped his hands together. He loved how a student was like Lucy. She was smart, kind and calm, Dylan was so happy that he had the chance to teach her. He did notice how Rose bossed her around and he didn't like the way Rose was treating her and her classmates, at all, but that was not were he wanted to talk about today.
  'So, Lucy,' he started. 'I wanted to talk to you about something.'

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Such a good student &Lucy
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