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 Hitting them highnotes ( friedrich)

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Abel De Jong


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She is a lightskinded brazilian , long hair mature in her body like wow and this little fella was crushin on her... so what did gurls like? Chocolate ....whatelse? Music well let that be a thing this young guy was quite the talented at. So, for her he would practice this one song.. one he just couldn’t get quite right. So the Russian walked to the only place he knew were pianos, the music classroom and sneaked in, pfew no one was there... obviously. He sat down and opened the thing that was on the keys, u know what I mean and took out the music sheet. He read through it for a bit before he started to practice... which worked untill that one row of notes and hd tried again and again and slowly but surely he got miserable but little did he know there was someone on his way to show how it’s done
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Hitting them highnotes ( friedrich)
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